Taylor Spellman Reveals the One Piece of Furniture You Should Invest In

The #YoursMineOurs designer gets real about the dos and don'ts of cohabitation.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to design your home in a way that will please yourself, let alone make someone else happy, too. However, interior design extraordinaire Taylor Spellman and real estate guru Reza Farahan have the magic touch when it comes to cohabitation on Yours, Mine or Ours

But for the rest of us, where does one even begin when combining two disparate styles into one cohesively chic home? Luckily, Taylor lays out the steps to do just that in a recent post for West Elm's blog Front + Main

One of the most helpful bits of knowledge Taylor lays down is the one item you should actually invest in. Expensive cashmere throws need not apply. "I always push for a good quality sofa," Taylor writes on Front + Main. "It’s a high traffic piece and is gonna see a lot of ass, so make sure it’s durable!"  

There's even more golden nuggets of Taylor's interior design wisdom where that came from. Head over to Front + Main to learn the best place to start decorating, the art of compromise, and how to actually get along while living together

And be sure to tune in to Yours, Mine, or Ours every Monday at 10/9c. See what you can expect from the rest of this season, below.

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